Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday evening, December 28, 2010.

Got this beautiful basket from Lidy. Thanx Liedje!!!
Dear friends,

Finally I decided to go back home…. for several reasons. One of them is the weather over here. Too much rain outside and too cold inside and…. I want to celebrate New Year at home!
Took me a whole day to arrange this. Phoning to the Netherlands and to Cathay at Denpasar….. but well, it was raining anyway, so it was better to do something useful instead of complaining about the weather….. Never thought I would ever make a decision like this…. Haha. Well, well…. Like they say in the Netherlands: “Een mens kan veranderen.” (Something like: A man can change…).
I’m happy I did it. Just no time to shop for your presents. Next time I will go for the presents…. That will be the summer of  2011 again. Promised okay??!!
Now I’m going to pack, just to check what clothes or shoes I can leave for my friend on the beach, Mrs. Made Podi.
For now: Have a nice day and enjoy!

Ans x