Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saterday, December 11, 2010

My stuff....In front of me...... how do you call this.... :)
Hi folks,

After a delay of 3 hours the plane left Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
The flight was okay, the food was terrible..... but we had a good landing and I'm here..... at our hotel room at Hong Kong.
I tried to sleep a bit, shower, had dinner and waiting for my cousin Lidy to arrive from Bali. Her plane will arrive at 20.45. So it will take another 1 1/2 hour before she's here.

How happy I am that I didn't had to cancel this holiday... how ill I was for 2 days.... pfffff..... all the medicens helped a lot. I am feeling very well right now.

Of course I forgot my best book about Hong Kong, so we will find something here or on the Internet.... which is slowwwwwww...... far too slow..... grrrr....