Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hong Kong, Tuesday – December 14, 2010.

@ Waterfront

Dear friends,

To day we came home late again…… Shopping & Dropping.
Didn’t buy anything for myself….. only simple red boots…. to save my feet.

What to write….. I’m tired and still waiting for a message of the Union…. to finish what we started and enjoying the holiday.

2 more nights at Royal View Hotel and off we go to Denpasar.

Right now I’ve to go on internet to join my assistants who are doing the Webdesign course online this time. I need to wish them well and see if everything goes well with them. I’m sure it will…. but still…. I don’t want to use them.

Statue @Waterfront
So now I will find some pictures to upload on my blog; join my students on MSN and going to sleep. I will only take 1 hour internet, so I have to stop on time to go to bed.

Ans xxx