Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saying good bye at Denpasar airport
Hi guys,

Right now I sitting in the lounge at Hong Kong airport.
This morning I got up early for breakfast and finishing packing. Later that morning my friend Mrs. Made Podi came along to get the bag....
At 12.15 Bagus came to pick me up in another big car. His wife and the 3 youngest came along. It was a nice saying goodbye at the airport.
At the airport I got this invitation for the lounge and did not want to go, just wanted to walk around a bit. The lady told me to do it at least once. So, as polite as I am.... haha.... I went to the lounge and enjoyed it.
After an hour I left and went to the gate to meet the nice Finns people I have met at Shindu. We had a nice chat and left for the plane.
Saying good bye at Hong Kong airport...
It was a good flight as always. I sat in a 4 persons row at the aisle and at the other aisle sat Perry from Los Angeles. So we had 2 empty chairs. But poor Perry, traveling on his birthday with a leg which was just operated. He had an accident with his motorbike which was terrible. This means that he needed three chairs for his leg. I felt so sorry for this nice guy.
Leaving the plane I waited for the Finns friends and we talked, exchanged cards, took pictures and finally say goodbye.
HK airport...
Well..... that´s all..... I do love this airport. Think I´m going now and see if I can do a massage before get into the plane.

HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of you!!!

See you in 2011 in the Netherlands.

Ans xxx