Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010.

Selamat siang saudara2,

To day it's Sunday and I'm going to try to write a summary about the last few days of my holiday at Bali.

Were to start??
Our rooms / terrace...
Tuesday, December 21. Lidy arrived in the afternoon and Simon arrived in the evening. First thing we did is opening the present Mon took for us and one special late birthday present for me. So nice…..
Then off to dinner at Swastika restaurant few hundred meters from the hotel. It was late, so we decided to go Swastika restaurant instead of the beach. It was so funny, the lady from the restaurant came along which some beautiful flowers and put it behind our ears. We had a nice evening which ended on our terrace were we stayed for a few hours chatting.

@Lidy's place - Kuta / terrace...
Wednesday, December 22. After breakfast we walked down the beach and take a break at Sindhu Beach to check transport. Finally we left for Kuta to see Lidy’s place and to get into her Bali-life! It was a nice sightseeing and after a long ride we walked the last meters to Gang Manga nr.6 .

This was Lidy’s home address over here. It was so nice to see were she lives to get an idea when she write her blog or when we talk on Skype…but…. Finally I had to diced to stay at Sanur. Kuta is too noisy for me… at those moments I realise I’m not 18 anymore…. just a little older.
So instead of staying 3 nights with Lidy and Mon at Swastika we booked another night for the three of
Lidy's own transport...
 us and for me even till the end of my holiday. Just to make sure I have a hotel…. Too many tourists at this moment, so the hotels are fully booked.
After Lidy’s home we went to her Beach-life…. Kuta Beach is full of tourist and girls who are looking for attention from those beautiful Indonesian boys. Don’t know what to think about this. Simon and I had long discussions about this…
We met some of Lidy’s friends with was nice, special to understand a little bit of her Bali life.  We had a nice gado2 and enjoyed the views and beautiful sunny beach.
Gado2 @ Kuta Beach...
We went back to the car with a gado2 and a drink for our driver and went back to Sanur. Back home Mon and I slept until nine in the evening… we were so tired. Poor Lidy…. Her uncle and aunt were sleeping and she was just waiting for us to get up…. Luckily she could do her pictures and there was chocolate at the fridge. This big bar of chocolate I got from my neighbours at Shindu.
In the evening we had to have some dinner, but it was raining….. very much!!!! So we ordered dinner by room service. 

Lunch @ Pizza Hut...
Thursday, December 23. We went to Ramayana mall in Kuta. Simon wanted to get some new shoes for himself and usi Saar di Ambon. So it was shopping and having pizza at Pizza Hut. On the other side of the road was the computer centre…. I had to get a laptop sleeve for one of my assistants’ so I got one for a good price.
Back home by taxi and having a rest. Simon and I didn’t feel well. Both of us had a terrible headache. At these moments I hate airco’s. Don’t know how many Ibuprofens I had those days. Since a few days I’m feeling much better.
Back at Swastika’s Mon and I slept… again and Lidy said “Please don’t sleep till nine o’clock.” We didn’t!! We had a nice dinner at Bonsai cafĂ© on the beach.

Roomnr. 75
The 3 of us @ 1 room.... FUN...
Friday, December 24. This day we supposed to leave, but finally we stayed. So we had to get another room. Okay… we will move. This was so funny. We got 2 rooms. One with 2 beds. This will be Lidy and me. Then we enter room number tow and this room had 3 beds. It was quit a big room. Lidy really wanted all of us to stay in this room because it was the last night together @ room 75. Okay we did and had fun!
Mon's last shoppings...
This day we stayed at Sanur and went to Hardy’s. Simon had to buy some special Balinese things for some friends at Ambon. Lidy bought some postcards and I’ve got the most beautiful basket they had at Hardy’s. Thanks Lidy!
In the evening we walked down the beach and had a nice dinner at Tootsie. I had my favourite sateh ikan (fish sateh). 
Back at the hotel we had a nice plant on the table at our terrace. With Xmas wishes from the staff and management of Swastika. This was so nice and thoughtful of them.

Dinner @ Tootsie's

Xmas Whises...

Gehaktbal / Hutspot / Tempeh...
Saturday, December 25. After breakfast we had to move again. To night Lidy will go back to Kuta and Mon will join her. Mon had to go back to Ambon and wanted to go to Kuta with Lidy for a few hours. So he is going to meet night life at Kuta.
Waiting for taxi... 
So now I have my own room at Swastika. We spent the whole day at Sanur together and had this “horrible” lunch at a cafeteria called ORANJE. It belongs to a Dutch man and Lidy really missed the Dutch “gehaktbal”. So we went in and asked if  it was on their menu. Simon wanted to taste some real Dutch food…. “Hutspot and gehaktbal met kuiltje jus”. I had rice myself with tahu tempeh. This was the strangest Xmas meal I ever had.
Strangest Xmas too….. next year I will spend Xmas time at Europe. That’s for sure. With snow and Xmas dinners!!!! That’s what I’ve missed here.
So Xmas day we were on the beach and in Sanur.
At 8 in the evening Lidy and Mon left Sanur. It feels strange to be here on my own now, while it is Xmas. Don’t feel like Xmas at all…. What ever the feeling suppose to be. Late in the night… or early in the morning (4.47)I’ve got a SMS from Lidy : “Boss! Oom Mon sudah sampai di airport.”  Few minutes later SMS from Mon arrived : “Tante Saya sekarang di airport. Terimak kasih. Lidy antar saya deng motor… ect.”
Few minutes’ later telephone rings. Mon phoned to speak a little and Lidy SMS to say Good night. Bedtime. This was so nice… so finally I only slept for a few hours.

I already miss those 2 persons! 

Wow... Tokeh....
Well.... it's late already without I noticed.... I'm going to Hardy's to get some water and some other shoppings. It just stopped raining.

Have a nice Sunday to all!!!
Ans x