Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hong Kong, Sunday 15 August 2010 – 14.16 h

Just at a store......

Good afternoon dear friends,

At this moment I’m sitting on my bed at the hotel. Promised myself not to force my legs and take a afternoon nap.What I did until now??
Well, I got up at 8.45 and made myself a cup of coffee and had an orange and banana for breakfast.

Then the normal thing like shower, packing handbag and waiting till it stops raining. Around 10.30 I went out and took back yesterdays dress….. did not fit that well.
It was quiet in the stores… so I could look around without being disturbed by people who push me….. I did buy some things: t-shirt for Moni; dress; t-shirt and scarf. I even bought myself an umbrella…. It was raining again….

Also looked around for a battery for Ron’s telephone. How strange they keep telling me: “Sorry, this is Chinese make….” How stupid this is…. Chinese-make and can’t find a battery. Think I have to ask my students what the best thing is I can do to make this phone working….

Last night I had made myself a plan for to day. I’m quiet on schedule.

I had lunch at the hotel. Bentobox with vegetable tempura; salad; steamed rice and ale; 2 sushi’s (jammie….) and a pot of Chinese tea.

It was raining.....pffff
Now I am resting at my room and will go out in a minute. I’m going to try a new market: Temple Street Night Market. Electronic gadgets; clothing; pens; watches; toys etc. etc. May be I will skip Ladies’ Market this time. I will walk around a bit near the market and get there at 4. It opens then.

I want to be back at the hotel at 6, because I want to control the CyberRobot in Shanghai.It will be possible between 12 – 15 Dutch time. That will be 6 – 9 in the evening here.

So I will get back at the hotel for diner, robot challenge and then back to Tower Clock to see and listening to the Light Show. May be I will skip this…. I really need to be at Hong Kong for a few weeks to do some more things.... like doing a trip to see the temples; I need to do the Heritage Tours

May be in February…. First 2 weeks Hong Kong; then Bali, Ambon and Darwin.
This reminds me that I have to make my school schedule for next school year tonight.

Well guys…. I’m of now and will copy-paste this story to night when I get Internet.

Temple Market
Ans xxx

Hi again….. just got back from the market and some shopping. Did not like the market that much. Ladies’ market is much better and fun.
Temple market had porn and girls around….. like everywhere…. Bull shit!!!

Now I’m at the hotel and will start Internet again. First writing this in Word. I am going to find our CyberRobot who is at Shanghai.
Keep your fingers cross…. Hope I can control him/her (???) from here.