Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hong Kong, Saturday 14 August 2010 – 19.00 h

Saying good bye at the hotel...
Good evening everyone

After a whole night of travelling I arrived at Hong Kong airport at 6.40 the morning.
I only slept a little, so I was very tired to day.

Yesterday was my last day at Bali… which meant saying good bye to friends and family, but it also meant…. Packing my suitcase.  Oh, I do hate packing with in my mind…. Hope I’m not having overweight.

Good bye at Denpasar airport 

Last evening also meant last diner with friends. We (Carol, Ron, Lidy, Angela, Willem and I) went to Tootsies. So I could have my last sateh ikan for this summer.
After this early diner…. Shower, clean clothes and waiting for Bagus junior and Alit to take me to the airport. Lidy and Angela came along.

The whole group came to say goodbye, took pictures and off we go…

Another goodbye at the airport. Bagus and Alit promised to take home Angela and Lidy stayed a few more hours at Kuta…. Evening before she left her camera at her friends, so she had to get her camera and again saying goodbye to her friends. They will left to Jakarta and from there to Holland.

Well…… after about 5 hours flight, I arrived at Hong Kong at 6.45 h. Took a porter to carry my luggage -which still was 25 kg-. Off to Vigor…. Getting myself a ticket to the hotel with the shuttle bus.
View 3pm
I arrived at the hotel at 8.30 h and at 10 o’clock I could get into my room. This time I choose a room with part harbour few. That’s great. To night at 20h I will follow the “Symphony of Lights” from my window. To morrow evening I will follow it live (again).

The “Symphony of Lights” is a multimedia light and sound show which will be held every night at 8 pm for a duration of 13 minutes. The show is synchronized with music and narration that is broadcasted via radio by tuning in to FM 103. By staying in the Harbour View Room I will be able to enjoy this show from my room. To morrow I will simply walk to the promenade (waterfront) in front of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to view this spectacular show.

View 7pm
I did not do that much since I am here. I had breakfast in the MallCafe of the hotel. Then I went out for a walk around the block. Back in the hotel waiting a few minutes and finally got the key to my room.
Empty my suitcase, having a shower and slept for about an hour.
Went out for a while…… after it has stopped raining…. haha. Came back at the hotel at 15h and felt asleep till 18.15h.  I had bought a nice Tuna bun…. which are really nice around the corner and finally I had my salad Nicoise. This and an apple was my diner.

I was tired and cold and switched on the heather. May be, after watching the Light Show from my window I will get out for a little shopping. May be…. I will just stay in my room and go to bed early.
At 0.15h I have to go on Internet to find myself a good seat in the plane for the long flight home. I do need a good seat for this 13 hours flight…. pfff.

I also want to control the CiberRobot which is already at Shanghai. I don’t know what time they will be there. I will get Internet from about 21 – 22 h. Keep it for 24 hours.

Things to do:
1. Updating my blog
2. Control the CiberBot in Shanghai.... by Skype
3. Making a schedule for next school year and send it to my manager before Monday 16 August

Well friends, I’m going to finish this story and copy-paste it to my blog in about 2 hours.

Love and wish you all a nice day or nice evening…. Were ever you are.

Ans xxx