Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rome, thursday 1st April 2010

(picture:Regardz hotel)

Hi guys,

I'm in Rome right now. Yesterday I went to Rome with a friend, Colleen.
Both of us did not feel that well and drove to Regardz Hotel at Rotterdam Airport.

Our plane was on April 1 at 7.15 in the morning and we should be at the airport at 5.15 .... what the letters said....
That's why we'd booked a hotel. At least a few hour sleep will help us get through the first day. But.... I did not sleep at all.
We planned to park the car at the airport, but find out we could leave the car at the hotel for free, so we went to the airport by cab. Only 4 minutes.... just too far to walk....and at least we won 35 Euro by taking a cab.... hurray.....

(picture: beautiful flowershop.... on a car...)
After a 2 hour flight we arrived at the Roman airport. Our driver was waiting for us and took us to our hotel in the centre of Rome. It was a nice 45 minute trip, which was a good sightseeing too. The driver told us some nice things about Rome.
In the hotel we had a nice welcome by Pietro, which was a man with good humour and just very polite and nice and good singer too.
We put our things in our room.... unpacked the suitcases and went for a walk, drink.... etc.

Now we are having a rest in the hotel and in about an hour we will leave the hotel and find our way to Stazione Termini to find out the bus times for tomorrow. We planned to take a hop on - hop of bus for a day...

That's it for now. I'll upload some pictures here.


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