Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rome, Sunday 4 April 2010.

Good afternoon,

To day is a rainy day at Rome.
We bought a day card for the public transport and took the underground to Flaminio. There we found our way to the Santa Maria del Popolo Church. We went into the church and while I was listening to the priest, Colleen walked around and watch the paintings on the walls.

After this visit we walked around in the rain and went for an espresso.

We keep walking to the Trevifountain and get soaked wet.... brrr. So what did we do????? We just took the first bus which arrived and stay at the bus till the weather was a bit better and got of again.

Lunch time.... 13.30. Pizza and pasta... wine and water.... Still so nice.

Around 15 we were back at the hotel and had a little chat with Marco behind the front desk and to our room for a rest.

The weather is not that nice to day... Lucky us... all the other days there was enough sun.

Well, I will upload some pictures and try to get out again.