Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hague, Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hello everyone,

Yesterday afternoon we landed at Rotterdam airport and few hours at home again....

Last evening at Rome we went to see a church and had dinner at our favourite restaurant and took our last pictures with our favourite waiters.

Monday morning got up at 6 and had a cup of coffee in our room and at 7 breakfast in the dining room from the hotel.

7.30 the taxi took us to the airport..... further...... walk around, get into the plane and fly home.

To day I've to go to Rotterdam.... working again. Still have to prepare. I've to start late in the afternoon with web design for dummies. That's the only thing I've to do today. So, I will prepare my lesson for to day and the one for tomorrow.

Well guys, thanx for the lovely mails and messages in the guestbook.

Next journey ....may be will be Bourgas at the end of this month.... I'm not sure about this, because may be.... I will do some little work in the house.....
But Indonesia is booked already for July 19.... this year of course.

Love and enjoy life!!!
Ans xxx