Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday, 3th March 2010.

This day I arrived in the Netherlands early in the morning. Colleen was so kind to collect me at the airport.... which meant she had to get up at 5.
Fist a cup of coffee at Starbucks and.... 1 chips for me.... jak...
Around 8.45 we arrived at home and I tried not to fall asleep. I really thought it was so cold and did'nt want to get out of the house.
Because of the elections I had to go out....lucky it was in the school opposite the house. Still had to put on a winter coat, shawl and hat....

No jet lag, thanks to the sleeping pill I took in the plane. Wow... it worked...

The first night in my own house and my own bed was okay. I woke up a few time, but felt asleep again. To day -Thursday- I am okay and are back again..... It's only the cold and the expected snow this weekend..... I hate this.... To morrow I will have diner out side with Colleen... my treatment to her for all she did to bring and collect me to and from Schiphol airport.
It will be the first time that I really get out of the house.... brrr. Not looking forward to it.... haha.

Well dear friends, this is the last thing I will write about this holiday. Pictures will be uploaded to morrow and..... next holiday is already booked today.

So the best you can do is: Bookmark me.... yeah.... (toevoegen aan je favorieten dus...) I really want to try to update this blog with all my holidays abroad.

Ans xxx